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Central VA Insurance specializes in Professional Equine Liability, Personal Equine Liability, Equine Mortality insurance as well as Major Medical and coverage for Equine Farms. Click below for more details.

Crop and Farm Insurance

Need special crop or dairy insurance policies? Central VA Insurance is the only company in the area that can offer Dairy Revenue Protection. Read more about DRP below.

Home and Auto

Central VA Insurance has your home and auto policies covered with a number of products suited to fit what you need. Contact us today for a quote.


Need special coverage for your farm, your agribusiness, or farm machinery and equipment? Central VA Insurance can help you get the policy you need. Find out more below.

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Most people agree on what’s important when choosing an insurance company. For most the ability to get a variety of policies from a single source. For many, their choice is the result of a referral from a friend or business associate and price is almost always a consideration. As they say… Looking for the best price? Call us first!

At Central Virginia Insurance Agency, we believe you should understand all your options in order to choose policies that provide the coverage you need at rates you can afford because it makes no sense to pay for coverage you don’t need and the best insurance in the world does you no good if the premiums aren’t affordable.

We provide the best, most responsive customer service in the Culpeper area. We get to know our clients and structure their coverage to meet their unique needs.

Obviously, no one ever wants to have to file an insurance claim but you can rest assured that if and when you do, we’ll be available to help expedite the filing process so you can get on with your life

Central Virginia Insurance Agency has been providing insurance solutions tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs since 1996. Let us tailor a package that’s right for you.