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Crop and Farm Insurance

What is Dairy Revenue Protection?

Dairy Revenue Protection is a revenue insurance policy that protects you from falling milk prices while leaving the upside open.

Here are some basics to know about Dairy Revenue Protection policies:

  • You can purchase Dairy RP, as it is also known, any business day of the week except for Holidays and USDA Dairy report days.
  • Dairy RP is subsidized from 44% to 59%.
  • These policies are federally backed by Risk Management Agency (RMA)/USDA. RMA implements and underwrites this and other crop insurance policies.
  • There are no milk production limits.
  • It can even be used if you have MPP.
  • Pricing options include Class III, Class IV and Components.
  • You can get quarterly coverage for 5 quarters, and the premium is due at the end of each quarter.

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